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Estate Sales Consulting Firm

    We Help Our Clients      Host Their Own
  Estate Sale!

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Premier Liquidation Service
25 Years Experience

Here at EstateSales.GURU, it is our vision to consult and coach those who are considering whether or not they want to take the path of performing their own estate sale .We want to teach our clients everything they need to know to have a successful and profitable estate sale, and how to completely liquidate their estate. We provide the tools necessary so that our clients can be successful by using our tried and tested methods that we have found to be extremely effective. 

We are here to help you host your own
Estate Sale 


We bring many references from clients and purchasing customers that our  services  are second to none!

"I just have to leave a glowing review for the wonderful service we received. I had imagined that this estate sale would be a difficult undertaking and very stressful. Arthur is a joy to work with and his experience is invaluable. He gracefully navigated our peculiar family issues and pulled off a sale that exceeded our expectations. It was all properly managed and took a huge burden off my shoulders. I can't thank you enough!!"


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